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Grand Hotel Dentro
Konitsa Ioanninon
Tel: +30 26550 29365
Fax: +30 26550 29366
Mob: +30 6945 950011
Person in charge.: Mourechidis Christos


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Ξενοδοχείο Grand Hotel Dentro στην Κόνιτσα


Located in Konitsa which is in the prefecture of Ioannina, only 45 minutes from the city of Ioannina. To reach Konitsa you can follow the following routes have been starting their two biggest cities of Greece.

The Mastorochoria situated in the north of Ioannina and occupy an area of ​​271,160 acres, representing about 5% of the total area of ​​the prefecture of Ioannina and 35% of the wider region Konitsa. Built right and left Sarantaporou river reaches the edge of the track, the Greek-Albanian border.
The combination of the diversity of terrain, special geological formations, the river Sarantaporos the branches of Vourmpianitiko, and Pistiliapi Loupsiotiko (Ntivoika - Ligeri) creates a very interesting natural landscapes with limited human presence. Lots of interesting scenery and historical architectural elements for the visitor. The exploration of mikrotopion forest, the subalpine zone and rivers, searching old abandoned or destroyed villages always give information on the nature, local history and memorable experiences for visitors.

Stone houses, a plaza with a fountain of unique beauty (1903) the foundations of the Community Office, the church of Agia Paraskevi (1930) and the stone school (1927) are noticeable examples of local architectural heritage. The complete picture of the old chapel of St. Athanasius on the edges of the neighborhoods and the Assumption (1902) at the entrance. This exceptional building with scriptural motifs.

The most interesting areas for visitors are:

Unity Upper and Lower Arena and adjacent Bouchetsi (impressive mountains with vertical cliffs that stand above the mature beech woods) - Lake and Fountain Moutsalia Triakosara. This area is already attracts large numbers of visitors. Special interest are the abandoned settlements of the Virgin of the Zerma Lykorachis and Pistiliapis.
The Alpine Grammos

The naked arboreal vegetation from alpine scenery, is one of the unique and such a great extent in our country. The terrain is very complex, sometimes mild and sometimes with steep slopes, dotted with wildflowers and flowing waters in rocky formations. The crossing of the mountain from Aetomilitsa or Plikati to the village line path to the alpine lake of lines and the top and climbing from the Village to the old Lykorachi and Arenas are the most interesting routes for climbers and hikers. The view of several peaks are impressive.
Kamenikia - Gkolio - Vartziompan - Badr - Narrow

Mountains and locations known from the period of civil war and its proximity to the atmoucha baths Amarantos (Isvoria). On the edge of forested with conifers and deciduous trees, with great diversity of flora, which creates a unique variety of colors and forms in the landscape.

Impressive mountain with steep cliffs that descend to the river Sarantaporos. The alternation between black pine and beech and the wonderful view over the surrounding peaks and the nearby snowy Smoligka and always give a unique picture.