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Grand Hotel Dentro
Konitsa Ioanninon
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Ξενοδοχείο Grand Hotel Dentro στην Κόνιτσα


Konitsa, capital of the Konitsa County, is a small town located at the northern part of the Prefecture of Ioannina in the areaof Greece called Epirus. Placed amphitheatrically high on the mountain Gimnadi, it surveys the fertile plains that are plumed and watered by three famous rivers: Aoos, Voidomatis and Sarantaporos. Its symbol is a unique artifact by the foreman of stonemasonry Ziogas Frontzos. This is the traditional bridge of Ipiros that comes into view on your right just before you enter the small town. It is one of the highest and broadest one-arched bridge of the Balkans and represented a glorious masterpiece at the time (1823-1871).

Nobody thinks about how close Konitsa is to the famous Zagoroxoria and nobody believes that from this very spot the "viewing angle" is so different and apocalyptic. On the other hand Konitsa could be seen as the centers of Ipiros with regard to the adventurous activities (rafting, kayak, parapente etc) while the greater expanse has its own – unexpected – beauty. Konitsa has marvels that are thoroughly concealed.

It may sound excessive but the area of Konitsa focuses the interest of all those that deal with adventurous activities. The place is gifted and offers many choices for novices, as well as the initiated. First of all, one of the easiest activities that anyone could do is walking. Two of the most exciting routes are unraveled along the two rivers. While following in reverse the flow of Aoos (ananti) you reach after 1,5 hours the abandoned Monastery Stomiou. The view in one of the tightest spots of the river’s canyon is breathtaking, while the monastery itself stands ominously over the area.

Respectively on Voidomatis the most easy but also the most exciting path starts from the bridge of Klidonia and ends across the monastery of Panagia Spiliotissa, on the road that joins Aristi with Papigo. One can follow the same route, but in reverse, in an inflated river boat (raft) or floating in a single-seated inflated canoe (monoraft).

Aoos serves especially those that know their way with kayak while the comparatively high level of difficulty gathers experienced kayakers from all over the world in its soapy waters. One of the most "wonderful" tracks for mountain parachutes (parapente) is right below the town on the hill of Profitis Elias. It’s not unusual to see dozens of colored dots hovering above the plains of Konitsa, when weather conditions allow it. Naturally we mustn’t omit that in the same area lie many excellent routes for mountain bikes, climbing and descending of the canyon with ropes (canyoning).

Konitsa's buildings (build with stones) and streets are typical of the Epirotic architecture. Walking towards the Ano Konista, a visitor can admire the beautiful villas that were build during the Ottoman occupation. The house of Chamko, mother of Ali Pasa, the villa of Xousein Bei. Most of the houses, churches and monuments are a jewelry to Konitsa. The church of "St. Kosmas the Aitolos" is located a few meters bellow the central square. Next to the church is the statue of Metropolitan Sebastianos (+1994). His grave is at the Monastery of Panagia (Virgin Mary) of Molybdoskepastos.